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Our Vision

Democratizing the Value of AI through the Blockchain

Born from Asia and now expanding across the globe, bitgrit is a platform connecting data scientists, data providers, and corporations involved with AI technology.

Our platform is composed of two elements: a data scientist community platform, together with a global marketplace that allows companies to access AI technology created by our data scientist community. Blockchain technology powers these services, allowing us to quantify and democratize the value of artificial intelligence in a transparent way. Through these resources, we strive to realize an AI marketplace functioning as a decentralized “Cloud Brain."

AI Network

Working to realize a "Cloud Brain," where different AI structures interconnect and work together


A framework easily accessible by both corporations and general users

Smart Contracts

Realized through decentralized applications, or DApps

Data Sets

Provides data tailored to a variety of themes and needs


Corporations issue competitions and assignments for data scientists

Global AI Marketplace

The AI Marketplace not only removes the middleman and liberates interaction between corporations, data scientists, and data providers, but it also provides trained AI models specially tailored to certain requirements. Firms with AI-related needs submit a summary of their request, to which data scientists and data providers collaborate, provide solutions, and get compensated with GRIT: our security token. As we construct the platform, we work towards realizing a decentralized AI network where different AI can interconnect with one another.

A Data Scientist Network

At bitgrit, we provide a community for data scientists around the world. Our online platform offers a wealth of services: forums allowing for collaboration among data scientists, job boards, competitions, and other opportunities for companies and scientists to get connected. We also host and participate in events around the globe to foster open communications between data scientists, corporations, academic institutions, and other players in the data science world.


For more information, take a look at the bitgrit White Paper. The White Paper goes into detail about what approaches we will take in bringing our vision and our objectives to reality.

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Road Map


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Bitgrit Web Service Alpha Release

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AI Marketplace Beta Release



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