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Our Vision

Democratizing the Value of AI through the Blockchain

Born from Asia and now expanding across the globe, bitgrit is a platform connecting data scientists, data providers, and corporations involved with AI technology.

Our platform is composed of two elements: a data scientist community platform, together with a global marketplace that allows companies to access AI technology created by our data scientist community. Blockchain technology powers these services, allowing us to quantify and democratize the value of artificial intelligence in a transparent way. Through these resources, we strive to realize an AI marketplace functioning as a decentralized “Cloud Brain."

AI Network

Working to realize a "Cloud Brain," where different AI structures interconnect and work together


A framework easily accessible by both corporations and general users

Smart Contracts

Realized through decentralized applications, or DApps

Data Sets

Provides data tailored to a variety of themes and needs


Corporations issue competitions and assignments for data scientists

Global AI Marketplace

The AI Marketplace not only removes the middleman and liberates interaction between corporations, data scientists, and data providers, but it also provides trained AI models specially tailored to certain requirements. Firms with AI-related needs submit a summary of their request, to which data scientists and data providers collaborate, provide solutions, and get compensated with GRIT: our security token. As we construct the platform, we work towards realizing a decentralized AI network where different AI can interconnect with one another.

Data Scientist Network

At bitgrit, we provide a community for data scientists around the world. Our online platform offers a wealth of services: forums allowing for collaboration among data scientists, job boards, competitions, and other opportunities for companies and scientists to get connected. We also host and participate in events around the globe to foster open communications between data scientists, corporations, academic institutions, and other players in the data science world.


For more information, take a look at the bitgrit White Paper. The White Paper goes into detail about what approaches we will take in bringing our vision and our objectives to reality.

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June 2018

WDSF Vol 1

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Jun 2018

WDSF Vol 2

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Feb 2019

WDSF Vol 3

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Mar 2019

Dubai Summit

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Core Team

Ashish is a passionate, self-driven, result oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in Business Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Client Relationships & Project Management. Ashish has been instrumental in making many start-ups into successful ventures, primarily in Information Technology-Cloud, Cyber Security, Virtualization, Data Centres & other Technologies.

Experienced in Blockchain and Data Science as CEO at Smart Contract Auditing, Chief Data Officer at HealthDex, Co-founder at EinFarm, Data Analyst at Maven 11 Capital, and advisor for multiple blockchain companies.

Group Chief Information Officer at Aster DM Healthcare, a leading healthcare authority in the Middle East, India and Far East.

Experienced Software Engineer at Square Enix, Fandom, and Softbank Mobile, with Data Science experience at [24]7.

Joined bitgrit in its early stages, streamlining processes in different departments within the organization such as administration, marketing, and technical development to reach new heights.


Over 15+ years of experience in management and the TMT industry, involved in advertisement for Tokyo Olympics and other ventures. Founded Cosmology Inc., a web-focused advertisement company in 2011. Quickly expanded his company’s business portfolio with his expertise in PR and advertisement, later founding the bitgrit project with Kazuya Saginawa as co-founder.

Entered Canon Inc. in 2010 as a patent engineer, garnering experience in technological assessment and intellectual property. Saginawa then developed an interest in AI, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency, pursuing his newfound passion by founding bitgrit with Tetsuro Masunaga.

Development Team

A Blockchain Architect and Ethereum open source contributor, Shubham has been working on Blockchain technologies since 2015 onwards. Shubham entered into Blockchain space because he truly believes that this is the future of Internet and wants to make this a reality. Shubham’s life’s goal is to build a world where everything is transparent and full of trust.

Student at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, pursuing entrepreneurship, research and development in emerging technologies. Experienced in strategic, technological, innovation and community building roles at companies like Microsoft and Tech Mahindra, and institutions like the University of Tokyo, IIT Delhi and IIT Roorkee.

Sameep Singhania has bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has been a professional programmer for the more than 5 years. He would characterize himself as a Software Developer, Blockchain Engineer and consultant. Sameep has worked for multinational and product based organizations in the past developing enterprise applications for them.

Community Team

Experienced Community Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, and Business Development. Strong marketing professional with a PGDM focused in Marketing from Universal Business School.

A self-taught programmer and a multilingual, with an experience in web development and outreach roles, Deepali now works on the brand and community development of bitgrit.

Once an ordinary office worker in Liechtenstein, Joey yearned to learn more of the world and went to business school in Austria. Unsatisfied with the traditional ways taught there, Joey’s entrepreneurial spirit brought him to Japan. Here, Joey discovered the bitgrit project.

Graduating from the University of Technology Sydney with Majors in IT, International Relations and Japanese Language, Melanion’s focus is on Intercultural Communication and Business/IT alignment as well as Business Process Management.

14 years of experience in Finance, Operations, Project Management, and OTC Derivatives; worked with Morgan Stanley, SSNC, JP Morgan. Has a 3-year Diploma in Computer Science. Based out of Tokyo since Jan. 2018, exploring the field of AI Blockchain through Project Management and Community Building.

With experience as a software engineer at a gaming corporation in Japan, Keyser has also built his career in translation and interpreting: commissioned by numerous firms for consulting services regarding overseas expansion both to and from Japan. Entering into bitgrit early 2018, he provides multi-lingual support and engages in overseas expansion efforts.


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Hidenari Aizawa

Technical Advisor

Involved in IT since 1996, Aizawa manages his own development company – accumulating a wealth of experience in 100 different cases relating to project management. Aizawa also works as an advisor regarding technological matters for large-scale firms, performing consulting services and R&D technological and IT businesses. Specialized in high-load distributed systems, natural language processing, AD network systems, web marketing, and cryptocurrency-related fields, with a particular interest in DApps.

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Professor M. P. Gupta

Research Collaborator

Chair Professor & Head of Management Department at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India). Known for pioneering works in the area of e-governance. Founded the International Conference on E-governance (ICEG) in 2003, which is running into its 12th year with 14 edited volumes available publicly at www.iceg.net. Gupta is involved in several policy-making committees on ICT in India for both the central and state government.

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Professor Arpan Kar

Research Collaborator

Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Specialized in Data Science, Machine Learning, Social Media, Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, ICT4D and E-Governance. He has published over 100 articles and 5 books which are highly cited. He has been awarded for research, teaching, and advocacy by multiple reputed organizations like International Federation of Information Processing, Project Management Institute, Association of Indian Management Schools, IIT Delhi, Tata Consultancy Services, etc.

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Professor Noboru Koshizuka

Research Collaborator

Professor of Interfaculty Initiatives in Information Studies at the University of Tokyo and the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, in addition to the General Information Analysis and Information Science Courses.

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Dr. Eiad Yafi

Research Collaborator

Dr. Eiad YAFI is an Assistant Professor at the Malaysian Institute of Information Technology and Deputy Dean of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies, Universiti Kuala Lumpur. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the Jamia Hamdard University, India. Before joining UniKL, he was a faculty member at Arab International University Damascus, Syria. He is active in research in the areas of data mining, Blockchain, Human Computer Interaction and ICTD.

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Rupinder Goel

Business Advisor

Global Chief Information, Officer Tata Communications India. A global technology leader with over 25 years of experience in digital and telecommunications for transformation of B2B and B2C operations. Goel has led digital transformation at multinational corporations by driving the adoption of the cloud, mobility, big data, social and automation using BoTs, the blockchain, APIs, AI, AR, IoT and m2m.

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Wael Osman

Business Advisor

Executive Chairman at Ryts, as well as the CEO of Pixonal, Wael holds 27 years of experience in both the Governmental and Private sectors, including working in the Executive Office of HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as well as in The Executive Council of Dubai, and has played a crucial part in strategic planning and policy making for the government of Dubai.

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Jacob Puthenparambil

Business Advisor

Jacob is the co-founder and partner at REDHILL, one of APAC’s largest PR and Communications agencies. He is also member of the Milken Institute’s Young Leader’s Circle and a TUV certified expert management consultant. He holds a BSc in International Relations from London School of Economics and an MA in Marketing Communications from Middlesex University, London. He is a mentor at Singapore Management University’s Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE).

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