Our Mission
At bitgrit, we strive to uncover new possibilities for AI solutions and blockchain. Our mission is to develop bitgrit into a global platform that congregates data scientists and broadens the scope of services that we can contribute for the betterment of businesses and society. In doing so, we hope to make AI more democratic and openly available for both developers and firms to utilize.
How We Began
Co-Founder Images
Tetsuro Masunaga Co-Founder
Co-Founder Images
Kazuya Saginawa Co-Founder

We started bitgrit in 2017 to democratize AI with blockchain.

We realised that in many countries around the world, engineers weren't fairly rewarded or given enough opportunities; talented data scientists struggled to find employment and were heavily underpaid for their contributions at work.

This led us to the idea of utilizing smart contracts to build an online platform that fairly evaluates and compensates engineers across the globe.

Our aim is to create an AI marketplace through the use of big data generated by our platform's community of data scientists.

Our Team
Team Member
Kazuya joined Canon Inc. in 2010 and is a member of the Intellectual Property Legal Department. He has experience ranging from patent creation to company-wide filing strategies. Based on his knowledge of intellectual property rights, he drafted a concept for an AI marketplace that combines AI, blockchain, and data management. He founded DataGateway in 2019 to develop products that leverage distributed technologies such as DID and IPFS.
Kazuya Saginawa
Chief Executive Officer
Team Member
In 2011, Tetsuro established Cosmology Inc., an internet advertising company. He was one of the first to establish DSP and SSP advertising systems in Japan, and has grown the company dramatically to over 100 clients and over 1 billion in sales. He has been involved in a wide range of domestic and international marketing and promotional activities, including tourism and promotional activities for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Tetsuro Masunaga
Chief Marketing Officer
Team Member
Saksham is an IIT Roorkee alumnus, who has undertaken research projects in AI and Web3 technologies with the University of Tokyo and Hong Kong University. Prior to joining bitgrit, he had successfully co-founded and exited from PesoPie (GlobalKart), an Indian cross-border social commerce startup. He has worked on projects with Microsoft, TechM and Hyperledger in the past.
Saksham Kukreja
Chief Operating Officer
Team Member
Tonu is a well known cyber expert, who has been the CTO of companies like 16Lab, Planetway and DataGateway in the past. He was the second employee of MySQL and is listed as an author of MySQL even today. At Planetway, T├Ánu scaled the company to over 100 employees along with his two other co-founders. He has four patents on his name and frequently consults the Estonian Government.
Tonu Samuel
Chief Technology Officer
Team Member
Jorge is the in-house data scientist and is responsible for all data and machine learning tasks related to competitions. In his free time, he likes to play music and practice martial arts.
Jorge Quinteros
Chief Data Scientist
Team Member
Kaho is a business planner from a financial perspective. She likes to travel and explore new cultures.
Kaho Watanabe
Strategy Director
Team Member
Atsushi is an aspiring data scientist with a mind for business. In his spare time he goes to the beach and enjoys surfing.
Andy Sugino
Senior Data Scientist
Team Member
Dharmendra Jha is our full stack engineer and loves to do smart work. He has deep knowledge on multiple technologies and is always ready to explore new research and developments.
Dharmendra Jha
Full Stack Engineer
Team Member
Gary is an architect turned UX/UI designer who loves tinkering with digital products. In his spare time he enjoys exploring Japan and trying out local delicacies.
Gary Wang
UX/UI Designer
Team Member
Alejandro is a community & communications manager in Web3 & a crypto native of 6+ years. He originally got into the industry after realizing the potential of crypto in early 2017 while working in the US political field. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Political Science from Florida State University.
Alejandro Baquero-Lima
Community Manager
Team Member
Mizuki is a web3 engineer who is curious about cutting-edge technology. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting clothes shops to get dressed up.
Mizuki Ohsako
Web3 Engineer
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