About Us

Company Overview

Founded in Tokyo in 2017, bitgrit is a multinational startup that has built up a strong community of over 20,000 data scientists worldwide. In addition to holding AI-focused online and offline events, we host AI competitions where we challenge our prestigious data scientist community to develop unique data-driven solutions across industries.


Our Mission

At bitgrit, we strive to uncover new possibilities for not only AI solutions, but also IoT and blockchain. Our mission is to develop bitgrit into a global platform that congregates data scientists and broadens the scope of services that we can contribute for the betterment of businesses and society. In doing so, we hope to make AI more democratic and openly available for both developers and firms to utilize.


Founders' Statement

We take such pride in knowing our AI platform has grown to this scale, with an impressive first major competition at the end of 2019 bringing in over 2,000 submissions and participants each. We believe that the key to such a positive response is thanks to our talented community of data scientists, especially those based in Japan, India, and Malaysia – countries where bitgrit has established a strong brand image.

- Tetsuro Masunaga and Kazuya Saginawa, Co-founders


To learn more about bitgrit and our vision, check out our white paper.

White Paper