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Founded in Tokyo in 2017, bitgrit is a multinational startup that has built up a strong community of over 20,000 data scientists worldwide. In addition to holding AI-focused online and offline events, we host AI competitions where we challenge our prestigious data scientist community to develop unique data-driven solutions across industries.

Our Mission

At bitgrit, we strive to uncover new possibilities for AI solutions and blockchain. Our mission is to develop bitgrit into a global platform that congregates data scientists and broadens the scope of services that we can contribute for the betterment of businesses and society. In doing so, we hope to make AI more democratic and openly available for both developers and firms to utilize.


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Want to network, connect, and learn more about high-tech concepts? We would love to see you at one of our events — held regularly online and locally in Japan, India, Nigeria, and all around the world! Visit our Meetup page or contact us to learn more and join the discussion.

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World Data Science Forum

Our proprietary event, the World Data Science Forum (or WDSF for short) is a conference-style event previously held in Japan, India, the UAE, and Malaysia. At the WDSF, we bring together thought leaders, academics, and professionals in the AI field to share groundbreaking ideas — and to network, too!

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Campus Ambassador Program

Campus Ambassadors are students representing the bitgrit Community at top universities around the globe – from India, Malaysia, Nigeria and beyond. With fresh perspectives and invaluable support for events and promotions, Campus Ambassadors form a cornerstone of our community. Learn more and apply below!

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White Paper

bitgrit is powered by blockchain technology, which allows us to quantify and democratize the value of artificial intelligence in a transparent way. As a community-centered ecosystem that connects data scientists to companies in need of AI solutions, bitgrit uses modern technologies like Serverless Microservices and Federated Learning to level the playing field for all stakeholders – whether it be data scientists, corporations, or data providers.

Blockchain integration will give rights, transparency and accountability through smart contracts, and our cryptocurrency, GRIT, will back the value of algorithms on our platform. With the growth of the AI Marketplace, we will deliver quality data, accurate models, and top talent at greater scale.

Collaboration is our currency — work with us and make it yours, too. Learn more about bitgrit’s vision and technology in our White Paper!