BGR: the bitgrit token

The cryptocurrency powering decentralized and democratic AI

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BGR: the bitgrit token

AI ecosystem powered by our community

A comprehensive online platform that makes a democratic AI solution possible.

Competition Platform
This is where organizations or individuals provide prompts about data science and sponsor competitions on our platform with prizes. Data scientists in our community participate in competitions to create the best solutions to these prompts.
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Job Board
We match data science talent with global and domestic companies in Japan, including customizable headhunting services from our own competition platform and across industries. Clients have the opportunity to hire winners in our AI competitions to deploy or refine their solution.
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AI Marketplace
We envision a platform where anyone can sell and purchase access to data and AI algorithms built from that data sourced from our bitgrit community. Once developed, the best solutions from competitions will be posted on the Marketplace.
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Token Overview

Token Ecosystem
BGR is built on top of Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol, the industry standard for smart contracts and issuance of original tokens. This protocol enables us to quantify the value of AI algorithms developed by data scientists on our platform.
Token Significance
By using blockchain technology, bitgrit aims to democratize AI, bring together data scientists from around the world and connect them to companies in need of AI solutions. This collaboration is available to everyone, regardless of experience, resources, or location.

Token Metrics

Token Name
bitgrit Token
Token Symbol
Token Protocol
Token Type
Total Supply

Token Distribution Chart

Stakeholder Distribution
Private Sale 5.07%
Team 16.00%
Advisors 4.93%
Reserve Pool 30.00%
Ecosystem Reserve 20.00%
Data Science Community 10.00%
Partner's Pool 6.00%
Community Events 5.00%
Bounty 3.00%

Token Release Plan

Github repository
Transparency of how our ecosystem works is one of the most important elements in our quest to democratize AI. Therefore, all our smart contracts that govern the BGR tokenomics are publicly available on our GitHub repository. We also encourage users to participate in the token development process and be rewarded for their efforts. Check it out below!
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White Paper
As a community-centered ecosystem that connects data scientists to companies in need of AI solutions, bitgrit uses modern technologies like Serverless Microservices and Federated Learning to level the playing field for all stakeholders – whether it be data scientists, corporations, or data providers. Read about our tech infrastructure and new token economy in our White Paper.
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bitgrit has been building a community of data science and AI experts over the past three years. Here’s how you can connect and become a part of it:

Map of Bitgrit Community
Want to network while learning about high-tech concepts? We organize regular events online and locally in Japan, India, Nigeria, and all around the world! Visit our Meetup page or contact us to learn more and join the discussion.
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World Sata Science
World Data Science Forum
Our proprietary event, the World Data Science Forum (WDSF) is a conference-style event previously held in Japan, India, the UAE, and Malaysia. At WDSF, we bring together thought leaders, academics, and professionals in the AI field to share groundbreaking ideas and connect with each other.
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Campus Ambassador Program
Students at top universities around the globe represent the bitgrit community – in India, Malaysia, Nigeria and beyond. With fresh perspectives and invaluable support for events and promotions, Campus Ambassadors form a cornerstone of our community. Join the program!
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