BGR Token
Introducing BGR

BGR is our native utility token that powers our services and brings a variety of new features to the platform, made possible with blockchain technology.

BGR has been built in accordance with Ethereum’s ERC-20 Token Standard, allowing it to integrate with decentralized apps across the network.

As a utility token, BGR enables access to bitgrit's services and products and allows us to execute user transactions smoothly.


BGR can be used in exchange for services across our platform.

Examples of its utility include:

  • Setting up public competitions in order to obtain access to high-precision AI algorithms, by putting up tokens as the prize pool.
  • Advertising your company’s open positions on our job board to an ever growing community of data scientists across the globe.
  • Obtain access to a variety of AI algorithms that have been listed on our AI Marketplace, including ones that have won previous competitions.
  • Use as an incentive to receive feedback and upgrades for your own personal algorithm projects using the bounty system. Using blockchain’s distributed ledger technology (DLT), user contributions to these projects are recorded and allows for fair revenue share upon completion.
The Benefits

BGR’s value is directly tied to the amount of benefit it provides through its use.

Our platform’s services give companies the opportunity to improve their businesses by harnessing the power of AI technology and gives them the ability to connect to a global network of skilled data scientists.

Obtaining BGR

Contributing to the platform is rewarded via BGR. Securing the top spots in competitions and interacting with the AI Marketplace will be the primary method to earn tokens, as well as helping other users with their projects and referring the platform to others.

We will also be conducting airdrops, gifting those who take part with free tokens. Make sure to keep up to date on our social media pages to avoid missing out.

Smart Contract

BGR’s smart contract has been audited by CertiK, a leading figure in the industry of Crypto-Security, for any potential vulnerabilities and security issues.

Token Metrics
Token Name
bitgrit Token
Token Symbol
Token Protocol
Token Type
Total Supply
Token Distribution Chart
Stakeholder Distribution
box Reserve Pool 30.00%
box Ecosystem Reserve 20.00%
box Team 16.00%
box Data Science Community 10.00%
box Partner's Pool 6.00%
box Private Sale 5.07%
box Community Events 5.00%
box Advisors 4.93%
box Bounty 3.00%

Token Release Plan

Percentage of
total release
box Year 3 19.75%
box Year 2.5 19.75%
box Year 2 16.85%
box Year 1.5 25.50%
box Year 1 10.25%
box Launch 7.91%
Github Repository
Transparency of how our ecosystem works is one of the most important elements in our quest to democratize AI. Therefore, all our smart contracts that govern the BGR tokenomics are publicly available on our GitHub repository. We also encourage users to participate in the token development process and be rewarded for their efforts.