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Data Engineer
Global eCommerce Company - Tokyo, Japan

Data Engineer
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A major e-Commerce company based in Japan is looking for a Data Engineer to design, build and manage information and big data infrastructures. The successful candidate will assess new and existing data sources to make insights to improve business. Requirements: ・Proficiency in architecting and engineering cloud-based data solutions such as AWS Redshift/RDS, S3, EC2, Lambda, etc. ・Experience with Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Flink, etc. ・Coding ability ((Python, R, Java, etc.) ・Business level or higher English and Japanese ability (especially understanding of technical terms in both languages) About the Company: This is a booming eCommerce firm based in Japan. They have a wide variety of offerings including IT services, fintech, and telecoms in addition to their main service and show promise to continue growing as a major player in these spaces. Employment Type: Contractual, transition to permanent placement available based on performance *Before applying, please make sure that your profile is updated with your CV, educational background, and job experience! ID: 646111

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Full Time
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27 days
Not Available

Tokyo, Japan

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> 10000

Retail Industry