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Machine Learning Engineer
AI technology company - Tokyo, Japan

Machine Learning Engineer

Company Overview A Tokyo-based AI technology company that develops quantized neural networks and hardware accelerators to solve power consumption problems. They are looking for a talented software engineer skilled in using deep learning. You will be involved in the development of highly practical deep learning models in order to make Edge AI a reality. Requirements ・ Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent. ・ Plenty of experience in model design, development and research using deep learning frameworks. ・ Experience in system and product design, development and research using deep learning. ・ Deep knowledge and experience in image processing and computer vision ・ Ability to lead projects using deep/machine learning ・ Ability to communicate at a business level of Japanese or English Good to have ・ Master’s degree in computer science, information technology, or equivalent ・ Experience in deep learning model development for image processing and computer vision ・ A good understanding of computer architecture. ・ Experience using TensorRT, TensorFlow Lite, OpenVINO, ONNX Runtime etc. ・ Experience in machine/deep learning model optimization for embedded devices ・ Experience in machine learning competitions (e.g.Kaggle) and/or competitive programming(e.g. AtCoder)

Employment type
Full Time
Days remaining
14 days
Not Available
Tokyo, Japan
Company size
1 - 100
Information Technology/IT