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Dog Breed Prediction Competition

A competition about predicting the breed of a dog based on an image alone
  • Save All the Pets
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  • Sept. 22, 2019, 3 a.m. UTC
For our inaugural competition, we're working with Save All The Pets, a philanthropic organization in the US with the endgame of moving shelter animals to shelters where they'll be more likely to be adopted. We know that certain dog breeds are more likely to be adopted versus killed in different animal shelters, and those dogs can be moved to other shelters. However, not all shelter dog breeds are known, so they can't as easily be saved. The goal of this challenge is to predict a dog's breed given an image of it - you can also use optional features like color, sex, age, and size. You will be given a clean CSV of around 83,000 dog images with breed labels, and some other columns. After you've trained your model, you'll test it on the images of dogs with unknown breeds, and upload your answers as a CSV. Let's save some dogs!

1st Prize

The first prize winner receives a cash prize of $150 USD!

2nd Prize

The second prize winner receives a cash prize of $75 USD!

3rd Prize

The third prize winner receives a cash prize of $50 USD!
  • Aug. 15, 2019 Competition Start
  • Sept. 22, 2019 Competition Finish
  • Sept. 25, 2019 Competition results announcement
pet_id: Corresponds to an individual canine, where pet_id acts as the primary identifier. Along with this data, other labels such as breed, color, sex, age, etc are contained within the file: Dog_Breed_trainingdata.csv This ID links to a specific .jpg, with the same ID as the title, and provides an image of the animal it refers to. Example: pet_id 100100 corresponds to 100100.jpg breed_id: Corresponds to a specific breed. Example: breed_id 1 corresponds to breed Affenpinscher. These details can be found in the file: Dog_Breed_id_mapping.csv All submissions must be made in .csv format, and submissions in other formats will not be accepted. Please ensure your syntax and formatting is correct, as this will affect how our judging algorithm is able to process your submission. Examples are extra lines, rows, columns, etc. Final submission will have each line containing the: breed_id sorted by pet_id. For example, the first being pet_id = 370923 with the breed_id = 89, the second being pet_id 555110 with breed_id 24, and so on. The file you upload will look something like this: 89 24
Who do I contact if I need help regarding a competition?
For any enquiries, please contact us at
How will I know if I’ve won?
bitgrit will let you know your results when we make an announcement following the end of the competition.
How can I report a bug?
Please shoot us an email at with details and a description of the bug you are facing, and if possible, please attach a screenshot of the bug itself.
If I win, how can prizes be delivered to me?
Prizes can be delivered via PayPal, wire transfer, or another suitable method. We understand that everyone prefers different payment methods, and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs as best as possible, depending on your location and our ability to do so.
During your participation in this competition, we ask that you abide by the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which acceptance of is a mandatory step in participating in this competition. Where a winning result is matching with another users in accuracy, the earliest submission will be judged as the winner, with submission time taking precedence in a linear fashion. Example: 97.7% submission at 10:01 UTC winning over 97.7% submission at 10:07 UTC. Please do not contact Save All The Pets directly in regards to this competition, and if you have any queries regarding this competition, please contact us at:
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